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** UPDATE **


After two and a half glorious years serving the lovely denizens of Port Richmond we have decided to close our doors.  We sincerely thank all of our devoted regulars for their loyalty.  At the end, there were simply too many challenges to overcome.  It was extremely difficult when our chef eloped to Halifax with our general manager.  Then, claiming a divine epiphany from a dodgy oyster, the head bartender left with a number of key service staff members to start a radical religious group devoted to the worship of azure mollusks.  However, the end became unavoidable when the poltergeist the staff affectionately dubbed "the Captain", mysteriously changed from a benign if mischievious entity to a violent phantasm.  Priests, mediums and para-psychologists were all called to calm the spirit, but when our beloved dishwasher, Robert, was transported into our flatscreen, we all decided it was time to leave.  Perhaps someday we will return to the building, expel the demons and begin anew.  Until then we leave you with some words of wisdom...


“Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain.”





There is a long and illustrious history of tall tales in fishing. At Bait & Switch Seafood Bar we carry on that grand tradition. While we may or may not have been founded in 1818, and perhaps a few of the great sea captains with pictures on our wall are from TV, and it is possible that our motto of “The World’s Finest Everything” is a slight exaggeration; rest assured we do take our seafood very seriously.


Bait & Switch Seafood Bar is inspired by the traditional seaside fish shacks that can be found up and down the East Coast. The menu selection covers many of the classic dishes from Clams Casino to Cornmeal Dusted Shrimp to Key Lime Pie. It’s a good time spent on our private patio poppin' Nashville style chicken wings and drinking cans of Narragansett or sipping one of our specially crafted punches. You’ll always find fresh oysters for our “buck-a-shuck” Happy Hour and a delicious breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays for brunch. Basically, Bait & Switch is everything to everyone all of the time.


Although we may not take ourselves all that seriously, we do believe in always serving fresh fish and shellfish. We also believe in the responsible management of the global fisheries, and we hold our purveyors to high standards when it comes to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Our local community is as important to us as our global community. For many years the Port Richmond ward has boasted some of the best seafood restaurants and crab shacks. We hope to carry on that tradition. We hope you come to visit us so you too can get some of “The World’s Finest Everything”.